How to Create Your Own Unique Style In Three Steps

How to Create Your Own Unique Style In Three Steps

Posted on by Sabrina

If you want to stand out as a unique individual with a style all their own, here are three simple steps to do just that. Remember that being yourself can make you feel good, boost confidence, and create overall better mental health. Plus, who doesn’t love looking amazing in their own distinct way?

Step One: Hair

Your hair can say a lot about you. It can make you look unconventional and bold, or prim and proper. There are many ways to create a unique style. You could opt for crochet braids Jacksonville Fl, dye your hair, or get it styled in a fashion you’ve always loved but have been too timid to try before.

Step Two: Wardrobe

Your wardrobe is second only to your hair. Don’t be fooled into wearing the clothing items that everyone deems massively popular but choose instead to wear items you enjoy. Love leather jackets but don’t think you can pull them off? Forget that! Get yourself a leather jacket. Told bright colors don’t compliment you? Bright colors can compliment anyone! Wear what you like with confidence, and don’t let anyone pull you down.

Step Three: Accents

Accents are those trivial things which set you apart but maybe aren’t completely noticeable right away. Instead, they simply pull your overall look together in a seamless yet subtle fashion. Here are a few ideas on things you could do:

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·    Get your eyebrows done

·    Pierce your ears or (if already pierced) pick out some matching earrings for your outfits

·    Body art your thing? Get a small facial piercing or a new tattoo. Remember, however, that tattoos are permanent so don’t get anything you’d regret later.

·    Choose matching accessories that will work for several of your outfits. This might include shoes, belts, jewelry, scarfs, headwear, or something else.