Mindfulness Is Everywhere

Mindfulness Is Everywhere

Posted on by Sabrina

Mindfulness is the state of being aware. There is something similar in the concept of wokeness although it is different. Woke suggests mindfulness with a characteristic of realization, whereas mindful has a characteristic of awareness.

Mindful meditation

You probably came across the idea first tied to meditation. People like the idea of meditation but shy away feeling there is some sort of religious context. Mindful meditation simply acknowledges what is going on – if you can feel a breeze you note it. If you hear the birds singing you note it. But having noted it, you let it go.

From meditation to pretty much everything else

tips for mindful living

From the beginnings in meditation the practice of mindfulness has come to have an influence on lots of aspects of life. If you watch your self-talk then you’re being mindful. If you don’t take drinks with plastic straws you’re being mindful – in this case of the environment.

The mindful life

If you can be present and aware in a yoga practice or in the way you recycle you can be present in all aspects of your life, some tips for mindful living basically boil down to noticing what we are doing and why.

When you get home from work – do you often just switch on the TV? The idea is to be aware you’re switching on the TV. The realization may cause you to pause and perhaps do something else instead

Mindfulness for change

Changing habits is difficult. Mindfulness – the practice of being aware allows you to see what you’re doing and therefore why and opens the door to the possibility of change. It is when we don’t think about the things we do they become a habit. When we are not aware we can’t make the shift and new habits fail.